Let's Go Eco-Friendly with Sustainable Bamboo Lunch Boxes


We are ditching boring single-use plastic bags.

Make your own bento (aka home-packed meal). Store your pizza leftovers. Or have your to-go taco safely kept in our large single compartment container.

Don't we all love a simple, minimalist food storage that we can reuse all the time? Plus we are contributing to a much healthier Earth with less waste!


Foodie Bamboo Lunch Box in Pastel Blue 


Made of bamboo fiber with a bamboo wood lid; includes silicone sleeve with text that reads "FOODIE"


Leftovers Bamboo Lunch Box in Vivid Yellow 


Bamboo absorbs more carbon and produces more oxygen than other trees, making bamboo fiber as a sustainable alternative to plastic or wood.

Take Out Bamboo Lunch Box in Blush Pink 


This carry-around container is ideal to take with you anywhere - school, work, picnics, camping, or travel

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See how cool this lunch box is.

Bamboo fiber is not only sustainable, it is BPA-free. The body of the lunchbox is made of bamboo fiber, while the top is made of bamboo wood, all held together by a silicone band.

Bring home one (or three!) of these gorgeous pastel bamboo lunchboxes you can feel good about.

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