Smash the patriarchy every day – and stock your store with fun and funny product customers love – with our GetBullish exclusives in pens, travel mugs, motel keychains, trophies and more!

All of our current exclusive products (the ones you see here on our retail site with "GetBullish" as the brand) are available for wholesale.

Order on Faire 

$100 off if you're brand-new to the Faire platform, free shipping on our brand for one year, Net 60, free returns. US and Canadian retailers only.

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Order on Bulletin 

Free shipping on your first order with every brand, Net 60, free returns. 



Bulk buying

If you don't have a shop but are interested in bulk buying for an event or group, we're happy to accommodate. Contact us at help@getbullish.com


Need more help?

We've transitioned away from taking wholesale orders directly on this website, but we can take orders via email (or just answer your questions!) at help@getbullish.com