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Adulting FTW

World's Best Re-Gifter Award Ribbon on Gift Card

  • $ 5.99

Remember when you were in grade 7, and you got 6th place in long jump at track and field and they still gave you a gold foil stamped satin ribbon that said "PARTICIPANT". Remember how good that made you feel? Remember how proud your parents pretended to be when you showed them? So good right?

Well we believe that feeling of recognition shouldn't be relegated to grade school track meets or swimming lessons. Why? Because real life is hard and people deserve credit for day after day somehow completing life's basic tasks.


  • Green satin ribbon award with gold foil imprint
  • Great gift for friends who re-gift
  • 6 inches by 1 5/8 inches
  • On gift card with space on the back to write in "Awarded to" and "Awarded by"
  • Made in the USA

By Adulting FTW