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The GetBullish Guide to Thinking More Productively About Money

  • $ 5.95

A Guide for Feminists and Justice-Minded People Who Are Tired of Being Broke

Table of Contents:

  • How Talking About Money Can Make You More Of It
  • 3 Ways to Think More Productively About Money
  • A Metaphor About Shoe Shopping That Is 100% Relevant To Hard-Nosed Business Thinking
  • How To Run Your Career Like A Business
  • Are You Under-Reinvesting In Your Career
  • Starting A Business When You're Broke (Or, Making Money During A Recession)
  • How To Make Money From Being Hip As All Fucking Hell
  • How To Think Of Moneymaking Ideas

This guide has been curated from articles on GetBullish (versions of these articles were originally published on TheGloss and The Grindstone), now fully updated.

49 pages

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