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Neon Bison

Books Aflutter Hand Stamped Unisex Cuff Bracelet in Silver

  • $ 18.95

A fluttering book design stamped end to end on a cuff-style bracelet.

This bracelet is extra thick – with more rounded edges, and more space to work with for a design, this is almost twice as wide!  Bracelet is bent by hand into an oval cuff shape. 3/8th inches wide and 6 inches in length, this fits most female and small male wrists. Simply push the opening sideways over the smallest part of your wrist, and spin the bracelet so the opening is at the bottom. 

This premium line of bracelets is made out of an aluminum alloy. With this, we completely skip the "food grade" (who eats on their jewelry, anyway?!) that is common in jewelry (and very easily damaged) and go with a sturdy alloy blend. It is strong enough to hold its shape and stand up to daily wear. 

Each piece is stamped by hand, one letter at a time using metal, anvils, hammers, and steel stamps. The front of each piece gets a brushed finish. There is no machinery used in the process, so not all pieces will be identical. You're getting a truly one of a kind piece due to the metals used, letter depth and alignment, etc.

By Neon Bison


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