This Small Business Saturday, Peek Inside Our Brooklyn Warehouse | GetBullish Office Holiday Behind the Scenes 2022

This Small Business Saturday, peek inside our warehouse here on the Brooklyn waterfront!

We've been located in Industry City since 2017. Our neighbors include a frozen foods company, a wedding stylist, a baby clothes company, a business that has large open bins of lingerie, and an architect whose logo is a purple ox which is always confusing since it looks so much like ours.

One of our order packers printing out shipping labels.

The stuff! It goes in the boxes!

A lot of cursing going on here (the ornament says "Smash the Fucking Patriarchy" on the other side).


Taking orders down to the USPS truck on a normal day...

...and here on a more-than-normal day.

The glamour!!! Founder Jen D. with the mail cart.

Is that what a "brand ambassador" is?

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