Greeting Cards with a Little Something Extra

Tired of giving an ordinary greeting card? Here's a little something something that's out of the ordinary for birthdays, Mother's Day, or just expressing friendship and affection anytime. In fact, a lot of our cards are on the theme "You are a badass." That's kind of our deal.

We have a selection of greeting cards for people who want to give more than words. Some have enamel pins attached for some flair that will be treasured forever. Or stickers that can adorn a laptop or water bottle. Or heck, a card that folds into a tiara. It's the next generation of greeting cards!


Greeting cards with Enamel Pins

Looking for a card and gift combo? How about a card with a coordinating enamel pin? 










Sticker Greeting Cards

A perfect card where recipient can peel off and use the sticker. What can they use it for? Notebooks, laptops, water bottles, covering their boss's face on a Zoom call ... okay, that would damage their screen, they shouldn't do that one.









Tiara Greeting Cards

These vintage inspired greeting cards unfurl to form tiaras. Imagine sending your friend a tiara in the mail, all folded flat! They'll never expect it. What delight!











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