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Webinar: How to Build Your Network Without Leaving The Internet

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How to Build Your Network Without Leaving The Internet

Do you find networking events exhausting, or do you like them but want a more focused approach? Do you feel like traditional networking advice could work for you, but only if you got a personality transplant? Learn how to build your network without leaving the Internet!

This webinar is essential for introverts who want to get ahead without hating themselves, and extroverts who want to maximize their impact. Jen talks about both high- and low-tech solutions, and real human connections in networking. A yin and yang conversation between introvert Jen and extrovert Monica, this webinar has helpful tips for all.

Jen will explain:

  • How you can make a networking sandwich using internet follow-up
  • How you can make networking events more targeted and efficient
  • How you can keep networking human and avoid burnout
  • How substance and intellectualism (those college skillz) can help you win at networking
  • How much research to do before cold calling someone very senior to you
  • How to network on your own turf, and get people to come to you

Remember: use your powers for good, and not for pick-up artistry!

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