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Unfuck Your Brain: Using Science to Get Over Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Freak-outs, and Triggers Book and Workbook by Dr. Faith G. Harper

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A book and workbook set to get unfucked.

Dr. Faith Harper is a licensed professional counselor, TED speaker, and LGBT-friendly certified sexologist in San Antonio, TX.


Our brains are doing our best to help us out, but they can be real assholes sometimes. Sometimes it seems like your own brain is out to get you—melting down in the middle of the grocery store, picking fights with your date, getting you addicted to something, or shutting down completely at the worst possible moments. You already told your brain firmly that it isn't good to do these things. But your brain has a mind of its own.

That's where this book comes in. With humor, patience, and lots of swearing, Dr. Faith shows you the science behind what's going on in your skull and talks you through the process of retraining your brain to respond appropriately to the non-emergencies of everyday life.

If you're working to deal with old traumas, or if you just want to have a more measured and chill response to situations you face all the time, this book can help you put the pieces of the puzzle together and get your life and brain back. 

Here's an excerpt from the book:

Knowing what’s going on up in your brain is HUGE. So much of how we interact with the world around us is a completely normal response when we take into account our past experiences and how our brains work.

• Freaking the f*ck out 
• Avoiding important sh*t we need to take care of 
• Feeling pissed off all the time 
• Being a d*ck to people we care about 
• Putting sh*t in our bodies that we know isn’t good for us 
• Doing sh*t we know is dumb or pointless

None of these things are f*cking helpful. But they all make sense.Your brain has adapted to the circumstances in your life and started doing things to protect you, bless it. It’s not TRYING to f*ck you over (even though it totally is, at times).

As we navigate the world, nasty sh*t happens. The brain stores info about the nasty sh*t to try to avoid it in the future. Sometimes these responses are helpful. Sometimes the responses become a bigger problem than the actual problem was. It’s called a trauma reaction.

And even if you aren’t dealing with a specific trauma? Adaptive coping strategies, bad habits, and funky behaviors all wire in similar ways. And research is showing that these issues are actually some of the easier ones to treat in therapy … if we address what’s really going on, rather than just the symptoms.



Learn to name your feelings, evaluate your reactions, discover your triggers, recognize your successes, and plan your emotionally healthy future.

Within you'll find the companion worksheets to Dr. Faith G. Harper's hit book Unf*ck Your Brain
, plus helpful exercises to calm your breathing and regulate your emotions in any situation. Unf*ckening is totally possible!

Book - 192 pages
Workbook - 32 pages

Microcosm Publishing of Portland, OR focuses on relating the experiences of what it's like to be a marginalized person who strives to be recognized for spirit, creativity, and value. All books are printed in the U.S. on post-consumer papers, and the company doubles the industry average in number of women authors.

By Microcosm Publishing

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