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What is White Elephant Gift-Giving during Christmas?

Each guest at the holiday party is required to bring one wrapped gift for the white elephant gift exchange. After everyone has gathered, each person draws a number. The person holding "one" gets to pick which gift to open. The holder of "two" has two options: They can select a brand-new, wrapped gift or take the unwrapped gift from the person holding "one."


Why is it called the White Elephant Game?

We play this game over the holiday season, but does anyone know why we call it that? Its beginnings are said to have been in the Siamese kingdom (present-day Thailand), where the Siamese King allegedly gave actual white elephants as gifts to anyone who had angered him. The cost of maintaining these unique elephants was high. The white elephant was a revered emblem in Thai and Buddhist cultures, so you couldn't re-gift it or use it for work.

Whether you're participating in an actual White Elephant event, a light hearted Secret Santa, an office gift exchange, or just need a silly gift, we've got you covered.


Here's our Top 21 Gag Gifts that will turn HO-HO-HOs to HA-HA-HAs



A Kale Candy Cane. Is it a gag gift? Is this really meant for people who love kale and Christmas ... together? Is this the best white elephant gift ever? Does it contain vitamins and nutrients? Well, the answer to that last one is no.  

Mac and cheese candy cane is like comfort food-flavored comfort food! Macaroni and cheese has become a holiday family tradition in many parts of the country, so why not let our holiday candy reflect that?


Ah simply un-pho-gettable! 

A Horse Head Ornament will guarantee to make your Christmas a little creepier.

Have yourself a microscopic little Christmas! This Tardigrade Hand Blown Glass Hanging Ornament is WAY bigger than an actual water bear, but it’s just as cute.

We’re sure you’re just like everyone else; every year you look at your holiday tree and know something is missing. Well, we’ve solved the problem with our Squirrel in Underpants Ornament.

The legend of Santa Possum is whispered about in back alleys and junkyards around the world. When kids walk in on Santa Human putting gifts under the tree, he uses his magic to become invisible. But when they walk in on Santa Possum, he just lays prone on the ground and pretends to be dead.

These hand decorated bandages will save you from having to cover each little cut and scrape with your own hand.

A Leech Bandage? Isn't it shocking that leeches are once again being used in medicine? It turns out that a leech clears clogged veins and gets blood flowing around wounds. Unquestionably medieval!

This Gnome Squirrel Feeder will make them look just like living garden gnomes. When squirrels eat out of the vinyl 7-3/4" tall gnome head, it makes it look like they live in a mushroom house and cobble shoes.

It looks great in pictures on social media and will be a baby raccoon forever. Just bend its posable paws to hang this 12" raccoon on the side of a trash can or bend its tail to indicate its mood.

These plant pot gnomes are the ideal way to inject some fun into your plants. They are small enough to fit into any size succulent pot, or they can carry out their naughty activities while camouflaging themselves beneath a huge tropical leaf.

A mini garden statue that will surely make anyone chuckle. Pour water into our little garden baby and watch him pee a targeted pour right into your plants. Less drips, less mess.

With a set of 4 tall and handsome Mini Plant Pot Hunks guarding your greenery from vigor-robbing pests, you'll get peace of mind knowing your plants have a muscular security detail.

Looking to freak out your neighbors and make the world a funnier and weird place? It's prank time! Take the hilarious posters in this book and hang them around your neighborhood to make the world more magical.

This tongue in cheek soap on a rope will ensure the nut-haver in your life stays squeaky clean.

Introducing Sudweiser! Not only does it show that you’ve taken interest in this person's love of beer but also that you care about their hygiene.

This lavatory spray will look amazing on the back of your toilet. Invite some guests over! Let them chuckle, and then leave your bathroom smelling nice.

Ok, another lavatory mist. I know you're tough and brave, but after an event like that, it might help to talk to someone. You know, get a little help?

A modern-day solution to an old-world issue. May your treasured memories linger, and your unpleasant aromas be history.

Hilarious "This Shit is Bananas" lavatory mist will impress your guests and make you chuckle at your own toilet, what else could you want?


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