Amazing Nails in No Time with Nail Kits and Nail Stickers


Nail Art Stickers for Polish, Gel or Natural Nails

Nail art just got way easier. These tiny stickers from Deco Miami were made to be easy to remove from their sheets and press right onto your nails. They can be applied to gelled, polishes, or natural nails, just make sure that whatever surface you're putting them on is dry.


Retrograde Nail Art Sticker Set


Thin and flexible, stickers lay flat on your nail. If all of a sudden, you get tired of the design and style with your gel polish, you can change it with a sticker. Easy huh!




Jackpot Nail Art Sticker Set


Vegan and cruelty free. Nail decals definitely work as nail art.




Lucky Charm Nail Art Sticker Set


Your nails are ultimate canvas and colorful nail stickers can be a more convenient way of wearing something fun. For best results, use a thick top coat to seal the sticker on your nail. 



What are Press On Nails? 

Press on nails, aka glue on nails, reusable acrylic nails (aka "fake nails with glue," although they're a little more sophisticated these days!), were very popular in the late 90's 'til early 00's – and now the next generation of nails are here! They are nails that are ready to apply; some are even pierced with hoops or chains. You just have to glue them onto the top of your natural nail.

Check out some of our reusable press on nail kits from Rave Nailz:


Pierced Up Nailz


Matte black stiletto shape with the accent nails pierced with silver hoops. Huge time-saver to look trendy!


Acid Smiley Nailz


These glossy fake nails are easy to apply and have a salon-quality finish. If you're used to getting salon nails, reusable nails are cheaper in the long run. If you're an occasional user, save for special occasions or photoshoots!



Palmy Nailz


 Our favorite advantage about press-on nails is the wide variety of designs and themes to choose from. Includes 24 nails, nail glue and a nail file.


Fake nails can look beautifully "real" – or, with transparent and pierced versions – even better than real. Reusable manicures that last without chipping or flaking? Press-on nails are the way!


Press On Nail Kits and Nail Stickers for Adults 






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