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Cute Canvas Tote Bags For Work and School - Only $8.95!

Posted by Brittanica Hotrod on

Talking Out Of Turn Cute Totes

We love our totes from Talking Out Of Turn.  They are super snarky, funny, and sassy -  just like our Bullicorns.

Tote bags really are the best.  They're an adaptable, useful, fun accessory.  Here's a list of our top ten reasons everyone needs a good tote:

  1. Going back to school?  Grab a cute tote to hold your books and strut around your college campus in style.
  2. Instead of wasting plastic bags, be environmentally conscious and use your heavy duty tote when you go grocery shopping.  
  3. Totes are lightweight & foldable which is why they are PERFECT for travel.  
  4. Fill your tote with all your gym essentials before hitting your favorite yoga class 
  5. Totes are a mom's best friend!  Just think of all the things you can fit in a large tote bag.  Moms know you have to be prepared for any and all situations.
  6. Got a beach trip planned?  Totes make great beach bags. 
  7. Tote bags are super fun!  They have unique, cool designs & sometimes incorporate inspirational sayings.  Your tote is an extension of your individuality.
  8. Totes make a great gift.  Everyone could use a tote!
  9. They're made of soft fabric and machine washable. You can get a lot of wear out of these versatile bags.
  10. They are the perfect size to carry your laptop.  Grab your tote and your laptop and head down to your local coffee shop for a good writing session.

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