Top 5 Purrrrfect Gifts For Cat-Lovers (OMG, there's CAT WINE)

If your life revolves around trying to impress your cat, chances are you belong to a special tribe of people lovingly referred to as “Crazy Cat People.”

Don’t worry though - you’re in good company.

Cats are fierce, independent, and full of sass and we love them for it.

Check out our list of perfect gifts for cat lovers!


1. Two words: CAT. WINE.

Yes, you heard that correctly- cat wine.
If cats and wine are your two favorite things, you will love the idea of having a glass of wine WITH your cat. Cat wine offers cats a feeling of euphoria by incorporating liquid catnip into the recipe.
Grab some Pursecco or MosCATo and enjoy happy hour with your kitty.

2. If your cat is only interested in a relationship with you on their terms, you’ll totally get these keychains.

Having a cat means adapting to your cat’s moods. Let’s be real, it can be tough to get their attention. Cats are hot and cold. They’ll let you know when they want you…and when they don’t.

Our keychains puuuuurfectly encapsulate your cat’s attitude with messages like “MY CAT THINKS YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE” and “PLANT LADY ALSO CAT LADY.”



3. If your favorite sous chef if your cat, you need these kitty kitchen accessories.

Your cat loves to hang out with you in the kitchen and ecourage you as your try your backlog of recipes in quarantine…. or, at least, they like to hang in the kitchen while you cook hoping your drop something or let them taste test your concoctions.
Spruce up your kitchen with these awesome kitty kitchen accessories.

4. If your cat is but a reflection of your own soul, you will love these amazing handcrafted necklaces.

These necklaces from Bang Up Betty are super cute! Rock your cat necklace and show the world that you are cat-obsessed and proud. After all, cats > people.

5. Up your sock game with these cat themed novelty socks.

Funny socks make everything better. You can never have enough of them. Our snarky cat socks are sure to put a smile on your face. Wear them and boldly face the world!

Cat lover gifts will brighten up a birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, or any other gift-giving occasion for those whose true love is of the feline persuasion.
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