5 Must-Haves For People Who Are Dog-Obsessed

You love dogs more than people.  If you can't bring your dog somewhere, you're not going.  You consider your dog your "fur child" and feature your pup in holiday cards.  Dog pics make up 90% of the photos on the phone.

You are obsessed with your dog.

But don't worry - we get you! 

Dogs really are the best.  If there has been one plus side to social distancing, it's extra time with your special pup.  To acknowledge our best friends and sweet fur children, we've compiled a list of our 5 Must-Haves For People That Are Dog-Obsessed.



1. If you cannot pass a dog without saying "Hi" you definitely need these signs.

Our block signs have messages like "Wag More - Bark Less", "Pets Are Just Children Without Student Loans", & "My Dog Is Judging You So Be Cool".  They definitely cover all the basics. Never have to explain your need to stop for all dogs - just display the block signs so the world knows you're "just one of those crazy dog people".




2. If your fur-baby is acts like a human, you need these keychains.

Your dog IS acting like a human?  We understand, which is why we have keychains with messages like "Don't Fuck Anyone Your Dog Doesn't Like" and "Be The Person My Dog Thinks I Am."



3. If your dog is your #1, these dish towels are for you!

Does your dog have it's own Instagram?  Do your friends know that you have a permanent plus 1 and any activity they invite you to must be dog friendly?  Well, these dish towels will speak to you!  Check out our dish towel with messages like Sorry... Have Plans With My Dog" and "In Dog Beers I've Only Had One".




4. If you want to bring your dog but can't. Wear these dog socks instead. 

Your dog is your most loyal friend, and companion.  You cannot bring them everywhere. Celebrate your four-legged buddy with these funny socks with sayings like "My Dog is Cool as Fuck" and "Dogs And Wine Make Everything Fine."




5. If your dog is cooler than you, you'll totally get these eclectic fridge magnets.

Your dog definitely ups your cool factor.  I mean, everyone you know loves your dog.  (How could they not?!)  Collect these awesome magnets that brag about your awesome pup!


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