5 Essential Items for Work at Home Queens

Maybe you've been working at home for months, maybe for years. You've probably got plenty of sweatpants. How about we get a little more glam while still staying COZY AF?

And without further ado – essential items for work at home queens!


Cozy Work at Home Slippers and House Shoes – Even for Summer!

Look, if you call them "cozy, fluffy slippers," it kind of sounds like you're not working. So how about "house shoes"? Or "sandal slippers"? Or "indoor shoes"? Or "bedroom shoes"? See, now it sounds like you're a swanky gentlewoman who knows how to lounge.

Whether you're into soft, plush fur slippers or slip-on slides that look like they could be taken out on the town, convenient washable slippers, girls slippers, open toe slippers, sexy slippers, or bitingly sarcastic "Bite me" slippers, we've got you covered. Well, your feet, anyway.


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The Best Shawls, Wraps, and Beach Coverups

Sometimes you're wearing a crop top, but you still want to be cozy ... but it's hot ... but then the A/C goes on blast. You want options, you know?

Some people call these open-front dusters "kimonos," but that doesn't exactly seem appropriate – we call them dusters, shawls, coverups, open-front cardigans, or, in some cases, ruanas, which was a new word for us too. Kind of a fancy poncho?

Check out our stylish and yet affordable wraps and coverups for the beach, the backyard, or the office.


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Soft, Stretchy Yoga Headbands, Like a Hug For Your Head

Don't want to risk cutting your own bangs? Got some roots that are bumming you out? Just want to feel like your head is in a soft, warm hug? What you need are the best soft, no slip yoga headbands made of a thin, scrunchable fabric.

Some people call them "sweatbands" or "sweat headbands," which, frankly ... I mean, sometimes you just want to type on your couch with your hair out of your face. You don't have to get all sweaty about it.

These stretchy sports headbands for women or anyone come in medium and ultra-wide – a wide workout headband can be scrunched to wear as a headband, arranged to cover ALL your hair, worn as a neck scarf, etc. – we can't believe we ever left home without one.

Get a comfortable stylish cloth wrap (or 3!) in any number of cute prints – floral, geometric, tie dye, nature inspired, abstract – and scrunch to your heart's desire. Any any 3 to your cart and get 15% off, no code needed!      


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The Cutest Notebooks and Journals 

You've got lists, you've got plans! Would a spiral notebook, a hardcover journal, lined journal, a writing notebook get you in the mindset to ... well, do stuff? Maybe log your feminist agenda? The best journals for women, from small notebooks to large, are waiting for you to take them home.

We think the best journals are inspirational journals. Or maybe just cool, understated black journals. Or a retro school notebook! Honestly anything pretty and decorative. Sometimes you need a small, pocket sized notebook. We need options, is what we're saying. And notebooks. Lots of notebooks. With cool notebook designs.


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Tea, Tea Cup & Saucer Sets, and Tea Accessories

From porcelain tea or coffee mugs and glass tea infuser bottles to teas and herbal teas in gorgeous gift packaging, we've got a sweet collection of tea accessories for tea lovers.

Tea lovers love our collection of tea accessories.  Shop glass infuser bottles, porcelain tea/coffee mugs, tea cup and saucer sets, and honey spoons to find the perfect gifts for the tea drinkers in your life.  

Cute tea sets with tea cups and saucers make a delightful gift for anyone looking for a tea set for one. Unique tea cups include fancy gold, vintage, or antique style cups, while some are snarky, fun and funny novelty vessels for your favorite hot beverage.

And finally, where do you put that soppy wet teabag? Not on the counter, we hope! Use a cute porcelain tea bag rest after you’ve steeped your tea to perfection.  


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