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Weekend Resume Makeover Course with JobJenny

Bullish has partnered with JobJenny to recommend this straightforward, stress-reducing guide to getting your resumé in shape in just one weekend.

When that killer job opens up ... will you be ready??

It happens all the time. In fact, it might be happening to you right this minute.

You’ve been feeling the itch (or the full-on burn) to do something bigger, something better, something that’s going to give you energy and fulfillment … not suck the life out of you 8-10+ hours every day.

Or maybe you’re just getting started in your career, and feeling overwhelmed by all of the steps that seem to stand between you right now and that great new job that you’ve been dreaming about (especially the dreaded resume step).

And then it happens (or, trust me on this, it will) ...

Someone tells you about an incredible job that just opened up at a company you’d walk across burning coals to work for. Or, you see a “holy-cow-this-thing-was-custom-designed-just-for-me” job ad pop up in your inbox, and you realize that a bazillion people are about to sprint to get their resumes to the front of the line.

You know you can’t let this one pass you by. You’ve got to mobilize, and fast. But there’s one small (big) problem:

Your resume is a mess.

Maybe it’s old. Maybe it’s clunky. Maybe you’d die before letting another human being see the thing … for fear they’ll judge the pants off of you based on what you’ve got down on paper (You need your pants).

Or, maybe you don’t have a resume at all, and the idea of throwing something brilliant, compelling and you-had-me-at-hello together fast enough to take a run at an incredible opportunity seems daunting at best (maybe even impossible).

Regardless of where you are at this moment, the truth is undeniable: In the dog-eat-dog world of job search, you simply must have a Ridiculously Awesome Resume, one that you’re proud of, one that rivals that of any professional resume writer and one that makes your amazingness instantly clear to the intended reviewer.

You especially need one at the ready when you’ve got a hot job opportunity staring you in the face.

Welcome to the Weekend Resume Makeover.

The purpose of this course is to help you pull together a professional quality, attention-grabbing (scanning-software-friendly) resume, in a weekend or less. Weekend Resume Makeover will teach you how the game of job search actually works (including specific details on the darned “resume black hole” that gives all of us fits) and then take you step-by-step through our proven process of developing a killer resume.

We’re going to take you from zero to finished resume in no time at all, which will come right in handy if time is of the essence. And we’re going to insist that you have a little bit of fun along the way. (Whoever said writing a resume needed to be as torturous as a root canal clearly had not heard about this course.)

At the end of Weekend Resume Makeover, you’ll be armed with something that you’re proud to hand out; something that helps you land interviews and, importantly, something that allows you to capitalize on those “I’d literally saw off my left arm to work there” job opportunities that fall square into your lap when you least suspect them to.

So, sharpen up your #2 pencil, order up some sausage pizza or egg foo young, roll up your sleeves ...

… and let's do this.


Because this course is provided through JobJenny, it is not eligible for any Bullish store discounts, promotions, or combined shipping offers.

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