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Webinar: Double Your Hustle—All the Best Productivity Tools

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Double Your Hustle—All the Best Productivity Tools

Can't afford an assistant? Do you seem to find yourself forgetting practically everything? Do you need structure and consistency, but not necessarily a routine?

Most Bullicorns have multiple hustles, but lack an army of assistants to help them get organized. In this webinar, Jen and her Bullish general manager Haley tell you the secrets to being your own assistant. Jen also includes a list of toxic, time- and energy-wasting habits you should just nix.

This webinar is especially valuable for independent contractors and freelancers, as well as working students, caretakers and 9-to-5 professionals with a side hustle or artistic dream. Jen and Haley use productivity aids to help them face challenges that differ hugely from day to day, without losing their marbles—and you can too. Enhance your productivity with apps and online tools to become a productivity unicorn!

Have you ever wondered:

  • What productivity apps are helpful versus which are just pretty?
  • Why Haley's brain is a pile of Swiss cheese slices with marbles running through them?! (Okay, maybe not, but it makes sense in context, we promise!)
  • How you can work from anywhere?
  • Whether Jen watches Broad City? (Haley does.)
Warning: this review of productivity tools includes Jen's original idea for a romantic screenplay.

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