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Webinar: Back to School, Back to Business

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Back to School, Back to Business

Do you remember that first day of school feeling every September, like you could do anything? What if you could feel that energized about your work?

When the seasons change, it seems like a time to buckle down. In this webinar, Jen discusses burnout, motivation, and how to harness your “back-to-school power.”

Jen covers:

  • How body language can affect your internal motivation
  • Ways to trick yourself into starting a “virtuous cycle” of productivity
  • The power of the new, and sensory cues
  • Back-to-school “shopping”—for supplies, a good workspace, and appropriate peers!
  • How to find your new “classmates” and define your “semesters”
  • When to buckle down for grown-up “finals,” aka work sprints
  • What should you put off until “break”?
  • How to use college skills/intellectualism to win

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