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This is Your Brain on Anxiety: What Happens and What Helps by Dr. Faith G. Harper

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Anxiety ... it's the worst. Choking, stifling, smothering, tingling, panicking, brain cutting out, bad decisions... if you're a human being with emotional responses, you know exactly what we mean here.

Dr. Faith lays it all out in this compact paperback: What IS anxiety (and did you know that people wrote about it more in the 1800s even than now?), what it's good for (that's right, it's actually a really necessary response to keeping us alive in bad situations), how to know when it's gone overboard and started to be bad for us instead, and practical tips to deal with when that happens.

A lifesaver for panic attacks, breaking out of flight or fight or freeze responses, and for chronic anxiety. It's also good for folks who aren't burdened by anxiety daily but want to cope better with those tough life situations that affect us all. Read this and breathe!

Dr. Faith Harper is a licensed professional counselor, TED speaker, and LGBT-friendly certified sexologist in San Antonio, TX.

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63 pages
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