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Bullish Conference Sponsorship Opportunities - Showcase Your Brand at #BullCon17

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Want a copy of our deck? Contact to talk about customized sponsor opportunities.

The 5th Annual Bullish Conference (#BullCon17) offers brands the opportunity to reach ambitious women and career-oriented feminists.

Bullish readers are a unique bunch. They’re intelligent, driven, highly educated — and enthusiastic about women-led and women-friendly brands.

  • Over 98% are female.
  • 57% of Bullish readers are between the ages of 25 to 31
  • About 25% make between $25,000 - $49,000 per year, and 57% make between $50,000 - $100,00 per year.
  • Bullish readers are active on social media - 84% have Facebook, 63% have LinkedIn accounts, 59% have Twitter accounts, and 73% use Instagram.
  • About 60% of Bullish readers own or plan to start a business.
  • 94% have graduated from college and approximately 51% have completed graduate school.
  • Over 96% live in urban areas.
  • 94% of Bullish readers have purchased something online in the last month.

We have a variety of options for potential Bullish Conference sponsors and will work closely with you in order to showcase your brand, and help you achieve the maximum return.

All sponsorship packages offer brands the opportunity to help advance gender equality in the workplace and help high-potential feminists break glass ceilings. 

Of course most companies want to speak with us first and develop a custom sponsorship package. But hey, some companies shop online late at night just like we do, so here are some options.

Rose Gold Sponsorship Package: This level of sponsorship is the perfect introduction for a small company or start-up looking to be introduced to the Bullish Empire of driven, brand-loyal women.

  • Logos and Signage at the Bullish Conference
  • Social media mentions across all platforms
  • Link and image in our email newsletter
  • Inclusion in the Swag Bag 
  • 1 Table at Pop-Up Market

Gold Sponsorship Package: This is the level at which brands can really engage intimately with the attendees and readers of Bullish. A sponsored meal break, and opportunities to network will provide your brand one on one access to the individuals who own companies, fight for social issues and love women-oriented brands. 

  • 1 Branded Email, plus inclusion in 2 more email newsletters
  • Social Media Posts to all Bullish accounts
  • Logos and Signage at the Bullish Conference
  • 2 All Access Passes for brand representatives
  • A lunch or breakfast sponsored solely by the brand
  • Inclusion in Swag Bag
  • 1 Table at Pop-Up Market

Platinum Sponsorship Package: This is the perfect package for a larger company looking to engage exclusively with Bullish attendees. This package offers the opportunity for high-potential brand representatives to network, speak, showcase and promote your brand. 

  • All Gold and Rose Gold Sponsor Items
  • Headline Sponsorship
  • Dedicated Programming (for instance, a pop-up showroom / fashion show for a fashion brand)
  • Branded Blog Post (can include brand story, custom photography)
  • Promotion of your hashtag throughout the event
  • 4 All Access Passes for brand representatives
  • Inclusion of marketing materials in online store shipments (3+ months leading up to conference)

Want to collaborate? Contact for a customized sponsor package. 

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