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Archie McPhee

Shakespearean Lip Balm Gift Set in Shakespeare (Mint), Hamlet (Apple) and Macbeth (Orange)

  • $ 12.95

To be chapped or not to be chapped, that is the question. We all have a brainy English major or actor friend who quotes Shakespeare all the time. We're willing to bet that a good percentage of these people have rough, dry lips. This set of three Shakespearean Lip Balms are decorated to look like Shakespeare (Mint), Hamlet (Apple) and Macbeth (Orange). They are ready to make your mouth as moist as Desdemona's hand in Act 3, Scene 4 of Othello. Each tube of lip balm is 2-1/2" long with a twist bottom dispenser. (Those in the know refer to Macbeth as the "Scottish Balm.")

  • 3 tubes of lip balm
  • Each is decorated to look like a tiny person
  • Shakespeare (mint), Hamlet (apple) and Macbeth (orange)
  • Makes you look smart and moist

By Archie McPhee