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Katie Dutcher

Self-Guided Course: Courage Amidst Uncertainty with Ebook by Katie Dutcher

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Are you faced with a situation that’s causing you fear and anxiety-- a recent loss, a choice, a dilemma, or a new adventure that has an uncertain outcome? 

"Courage Amidst Uncertainty" offers inspiration to face this challenge, as well as all of the the difficult emotions that go along with it. Engaging awareness, compassion, and your own innate wisdom, learn how to access the courage that is already within you in service of growth. Katie weaves in teachings from a wealth of sources with her own unflinching and yet tender perspective, gained from a life of experience with change, loss, and reflection.

The self-guided course uses reflection and guided meditation to allow you to get in touch with what you're thinking and feeling about your situation, as well as to develop inner resources for resilience and strength. You'll get more familiar with your reactions to discomfort and begin to explore new ways of responding and working through your current experience of uncertainty. 

Self-Guided Course includes:

  • Digital ebook, including an extensive list of resources for further exploration
  • 11 pages of reflective writing prompts and suggestions for experiential practice
  • 7 Specially-created audio meditations 

About the Author:

Katie Dutcher teaches Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction at a community hospital, and she recently opened Monterey Bay Meditation Studio with a new friend and business partner! You may recognize Katie as one of our BullCon16 speakers! 

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