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Webinar: Multiple Income Streams: You’re a Business, Woman

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Multiple Income Streams: You’re a Business, Woman

One of her most popular webinars ever, this video will help anyone who's planning for a future of financial independence and ballsy negotiation in your 9-to-5. Jen describes different options for income streams, what to prioritize and when, and how to keep your side hustle(s) separate from your main hustle.

Ebooks or language tutoring? Burlesque or cat grooming?! This webinar is full of practical tips and fun stories about what NOT to do!

Do you want to improve your negotiation skills? What if you weren't dependent on your current employer? Jen tells you how to get “extra lady-balls” by diversifying your income sources.

Have you ever wondered:

  • How to brand your side hustle?
  • How to protect your 9-to-5 while starting a side business?
  • How to avoid scams while searching for sources of passive income?
  • What you really need in order to start a business?
  • What it means for a side hustle to be “scalable,” and why that's important?
  • How far selling hours for dollars can really take you? When is it time to STOP?!
  • How you can have multiple income streams without being exploited?

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