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Lift Your Fork

Deadlift or Die Bracelet Hand Stamped Cuff in Silver

  • $ 14.95

This one's for our fit fam! Because strong is beautiful and you are a kickass feminist. 

This premium metal bracelet has been hand stamped with the words "DEADLIFT OR DIE". 

Made out of sturdy aluminum alloy, strong enough to hold its shape and stand up to daily wear. 

Each piece is stamped by hand, one letter at a time using metal, anvils, hammers, and steel stamps. The front of each piece gets a brushed finish. There is no machinery used in the process, so you're getting a truly one of a kind piece.

6 inches long, fits most female and small male wrists. Simply push the opening sideways over the smallest part of your wrist, and spin the bracelet so the opening is at the bottom. Should not need to be bent to take on and off regularly.

1/4th inch wide, perfect for stacking.

Made by Lift Your Fork


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