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Custom Bullish Column - Your Question Answered by Jen Dziura

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Custom Bullish Column - Your Question Answered by Jen Dziura

  • $ 200.00

This is a payment link for a Custom Bullish Column – that is, written advice for your problem or issue – by Jennifer Dziura. Visit the GetBullish Work With Me page for more on working with Jen.

A message from Jen:

By popular request – do you want a full-length Bullish article written just about your problem?

While I do answer questions on the site free of charge, fewer than 10% of those questions are ever addressed in an article, and those articles often come out months after the fact. Of course you are perfectly welcome to submit your question to me via email or Tumblr, and I very well may answer! But some people have asked for an on-demand service, so here it is.

If you select "For Publication," your question will be anonymized, and we may or may not publish it at any time as an article. If you select "Private," your question will not be published.

Submit Your Question Here and tell us what’s on your mind. You'll be delivered right back to this page to make your payment.

Your custom Bullish column will be sent to you within five business days. If your question is very urgent, let us know!

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