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Webinar: How to Become Incredibly Confident Pretty Much Always

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How to Become Incredibly Confident Pretty Much Always

Have you ever been told that women aren't confident enough? Are you tired of being told that's why women don't make as much money? This webinar will give you ten (10!) non-cheesy concrete steps you can take to boost your self-confidence without getting a personality transplant.

What could you do if you were more confident? In this webinar, Jen explains how to gain confidence without acting like a boorish frat boy.

Have you noticed that your confidence level doesn't correspond with objectively awesome stuff like your degrees, or work accomplishments?

Have you ever wondered:

  • Why that tall guy on your team keeps talking over you, and what you can do about it?
  • Why mediocre men think so very highly of themselves?
  • How to support other women in the workplace?
  • How to appreciate your accomplishments, even when they're intangible?
  • How to get others to appreciate your (very real, pre-existing) expertise?
  • About that time Jen had to watch her office plants die through the window after the sheriff put a boot on the door? Because she talks about it!

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