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Paper & Quartz

Cat Lady Extra Shadow-Cat Wall Sticker

  • $ 8.95

A real cat lady always wants one more cat. Or ten more. 

"There’s a reason why women and cats are so closely tied. They share a long history of being deified, vilified, persecuted and likened to one another. But cats, ladies and cat ladies didn’t always carry around bad baggage. Some cultures even worshipped cats and women alike. The ancient Egyptians revered the Cat Goddess, Bastet, who was half feline, half woman; Norse mythology recognized Freyja, a goddess of both beauty and strength who rode on a chariot led by two cats; and the ancient Chinese honored the feline goddess, Li Shou, for pest control and fertility.

These and other representations of cats and goddesses were passed down through folklore and paganism, but as the Catholic Church and monotheism gained more power, paganism and the goddesses that came with it were condemned."

- Ms. Magazine

This stylish and hilarious wall sticker helps you fake it til you make it – as a real cat lady. 

Approximately 15 inches wide x 11 inches tall, like many real cats!

Meant to adhere smoothly to walls, windows, and other surfaces. Like all stickers, may damage some surfaces. Made of nontoxic vinyl and laser-cut.

Now where's my sherry and needlepoint?

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