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Bang-Up Betty

Caravaggio-Inspired Medusa Head Bronze Necklace | 14k Gold-filled 18" Chain

  • $ 69.95

Caravaggio’s (Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio) often dark and violent subject matter, paired with his signature chiaroscuro (or use of heavy contrast using light and dark) echoed the dramatic, tumultuous life he lived, peppered with murder, assassination attempts, arrests and exile. His famous Medusa, painted in 1596-97, depicts the moment when the legendary snake-haired gorgon of ancient Greek myth was beheaded by Perseus, and the artist experiments with casting his own face as Medusa’s.

This Caravaggio-inspired Medusa head necklace features a cast bronze pendant of Medusa’s head with wild, curling snakes for hair. The pendant hangs from an 18-inch 14k gold-filled chain.

  • Medusa's head is bronze
  • Chain is 14k gold-filled and 18 inches long
  • Made in USA

By Bang-up Betty 


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