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Cacao Calm Vegan Collagen Boost Hot Cocoa Blend | 28 Servings

Cacao Calm Vegan Collagen Boost Hot Cocoa Blend | 28 Servings

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Chill and satisfy your chocolate cravings with Cacao Calm a delicious vegan collagen-boosting drink blend made with organic cacao, cinnamon, and ashwagandha, and more. Think of it like a grown-up hot cocoa. The blends help your body naturally produce more collagen and promote healthier hair, skin, and nails using the power of plant botanicals.

28 servings per bag 

Support your collagen with plants

The potent, science-backed blends help support your body’s own natural collagen levels from within. Each of the blends contains the best of nature’s plant botanicals that help support your inner vibrance. It’s skincare you can sip.

The potent, beauty-boosting collagen support blends were formulated and dosed by herbalists. What sets the blends apart is the fact that they address collagen loss from all angles. Our plant botanicals both fight collagen degradation and support your body’s own natural collagen production for healthy and vibrant skin, hair, and nails.


The Copina Co. difference

Boost Your Collagen, But Make it 100% Plant-Based. This plant-based collagen-supporting drink blends help support your body’s own natural collagen production.


Copina worked directly with multiple herbalists to source and dose all of the plant botanical ingredients. The blends help boost beauty and energy as well as fight daily stress.


The formulas both help support your body’s collagen production and address the root causes of collagen degradation.


Increased collagen is linked to overall vibrance and good health - think stronger hair and nails and plumper, more youthful skin.


Recyclable materials are used in all shipping components and are also transitioning to PCR (post-consumer recycled) film for the pouches items


How To Prepare Products

The blends help you support your vibrance from within, no matter how busy life gets. Add them to your daily skincare routine for a delicious collagen and anti-aging support in any of your drinks. We love taking a scoop or stick pack of our blends with 8 ounces of our liquid of choice. We love them in:



Add a scoop of Vanilla, Original, or Cacao to your favorite morning coffee, black tea, or evening hot cocoa




Froth, blend, or stir with 8oz hot plant milk and your add-ins of choice for a barista-quality latte




Froth with 6oz warm water, pour over ice, and enjoy





Boost your morning favorite with any of our collagen boost blends



By Copina Co.

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