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Paper & Quartz

The Halo Effect Business Tiara in Silver

  • $ 7.95

Are Tiaras the New Power Scrunchies? boldly asked the New York Times. Not that "power scrunchies" ever happened, ever, but we decided to give the business tiara a try. And now we're hooked.

Please welcome the next in our line of business tiaras. We call it... The Halo Effect.

In psychology and marketing, the halo effect is a cognitive bias in which the viewer's positive feelings about one aspect of a person or entity spill over into every other aspect—once you've got the halo, everything you do is golden. Or, in this case, gleaming silver.

This tiara is subtle, work-appropriate, lies flat against the hair, and holds hair well—the decorative leaves function a bit like a comb, holding your tiara in place while you are mid-hustle.

You can wear this tiara over loose/natural hair, with a messy bun, or you can get fancy fast by tucking your hair around and under it, like this. Ultra-short hair? Even easier: JUST PUT ON A TIARA.

Also in gold.

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