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Bullish Merit Badges: Personal Finance Unicorn Merit Badge

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Did you spend your childhood earning merit badges, carefully checking off requirements for "Home Scientist" or "My Best Self"? 

We did!

And it is with the greatest respect that we introduce Bullish Merit Badges – badges for grownup ladies, in #adulting and getting bullish.

Our first badge, the Personal Finance Unicorn badge, celebrates "achievable achievements" in getting your money together and figuring out where it's going and how to get more of it.

How it works:

  • Check out here. You'll get an immediate PDF download with the requirements for the badge. You might want to print it out, because checking off checkboxes is really, really satisfying.
  • There are 14 items in the checklist, but you only have to complete the ones that apply to you. They include ordering your annual credit report, collecting materials to make the case for a raise, auditing your side hustle, etc.
  • When you're done, follow the link in the end of the document to report back to us. We'll congratulate you and send you your badge!

Yes, there is a physical badge at the end of this!

We thought you might not be into sewing or ironing it onto your Bullish uniform, though (ha), so our badges are actually buttons that you can pin onto a Bullish tote or any fabric item.

Join us!

This is appropriate for bullicorns in any stage of life, anywhere in the world.

Add to your cart and check out to get the download and start right away. 

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What bullicorns are saying:

"Using the Personal Finance checklist really helped me see what was going on with my money and how to better control it. I'm now addicted to the end result of the snowball method and can't wait to see that turn into savings versus just paying off my credit cards. Some of the points didn't apply perfectly to my situation but they worked as a good prompt and launch point to get my side hustles under control and on track."
"By far the most valuable experience for me was raising my rates. I'm a web developer who just celebrated my 1 year anniversary of 'doing the thing'. Even for a new web developer, I was dramatically undercharging my clients, which I suspect to be true of lots of lady web devs out there. I finally sent the 'raising my rates' email to existing clients, with your tips on grandfathering them in at the old rate until 2017. I don't know what their response will be, but since I only work with wonderful people, I expect it to be pretty positive."


Check out now to receive the download immediately.


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