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Bullish Merit Badges: Morning Routine Merit Badge

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Did you spend your childhood earning merit badges, carefully checking off requirements for "Home Scientist" or "My Best Self"? 

We did!

And it is with the greatest respect that we introduce Bullish Merit Badges – badges for grownup ladies, in #adulting and getting bullish.

Our second badge, the Morning Routine badge, guides you in deciding your priorities, developing an inspiring routine, and using best practices to make it stick.

How it works:

  • Check out here. You'll get an immediate PDF download with the requirements for the badge. You might want to print it out, because checking off checkboxes is really, really satisfying.
  • There are 8 items in the checklist, beginning with open-ended questions and brainstorming and ending with actually doing your new routine.
  • When you're done, follow the link in the end of the document to report back to us. We'll congratulate you and send you your badge!

Yes, there is a physical badge at the end of this!

We thought you might not be into sewing or ironing it onto your Bullish uniform, though (ha), so our badges are actually buttons that you can pin onto a Bullish tote or any fabric item.

Join us!

This is appropriate for bullicorns in any stage of life, anywhere in the world.

Add to your cart and check out to get the download and start right away. 

What bullicorns are saying:

"I've tried for years to get up earlier, and always failed. I'm not naturally a morning person, but I am naturally a have-lots-of-different-things-going person. I'd become a snooze button addict, then spend the whole day feeling bad because I had no willpower or followthrough. The greatest thing about this is what's different from every other morning routine advice -- no insistence on a streak! It's much harder to form a habit when I'd miss a day and feel like I had to start all over. With this, it took me more than 10 days to get my 10 boxes checked, but I still did it in less than 30, and I'm still going. It felt encouraging, not punitive, so thanks!"
"My mornings now ROCK!"
"I found that I didn't need to make dramatic changes to my morning routine, it just needed to be more purposeful. My mornings weren't bad, but things were just floating in them, and they weren't making me feel energized for the rest of my day, which is what I really wanted. I started by deciding to make the bed every morning as soon as I get out of it. This makes me feel like I've committed to the day and one tiny productive thing has already been done. I also committed to reading every day over breakfast, and I follow that with daily Spanish practice. I added working on my side hustle to the end of my morning routine, and by spending just that little bit of committed time every weekday morning, I now have a solid plan in place for starting my first side hustle, and am working a step by step plan to get there, AND have accidentally come up with a SECOND brilliant side hustle that will be a little more long term, but that I am also excited about."

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