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Neon Bison

Lift Those Barbells Hand Stamped Unisex Cuff Bracelet in Silver

  • $ 18.95

Do you even lift? 

Barbells scatter up and down the entire length of this wide cuff bracelet! 

This bracelet measures about 3/8th of an inch wide, making them thicker and wider than a normal 1/4th inch bracelets. 

Slide sideways over the thinnest part of your arm, and turn so the opening is at the bottom of your wrist. While these will bend a bit to fit a variety of wrists, once it is the correct size, it should not ever need to be bent to take on and off regularly. This bracelet will slide on and off like a cuff, and fit more like a bangle while wearing. 

Each hand stamped piece is unique. Letters are hammered in by hand, one at a time, and finished with a brushed top. Some letters will appear deeper, not perfectly aligned, unevenly spaced, etc. Bracelets will be oval shaped, but please take note they are shaped by hand, not machine, so there will be a bit of variance. This is the beauty of a truly handmade piece. 

By Neon Bison


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