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Neon Bison

Crazy Plant Lady Bracelet

  • $2400

Grow them. Eat them. Love them. Are you a little plant obsessed?

The words "CRAZY plant lady", along with a wrapping leaf design around one side have been hand hammered onto metal before being given a brushed finish and molded into a bracelet.

Bracelet is 1/4th inch wide, making it thin and easy to stack with other bracelets. Slide sideways over the thinnest part of your wrist, and turn so the opening is at the bottom. Goes on like a cuff. Wears like a loose bangle.

Our line or premium bracelets are unlike many others. Most stamped bracelets are made out of a "food grade" aluminum which is soft enough to easily bend and damage. We skip the food grade (who eats off their jewelry, anyway?!) and instead use an aluminum alloy that is sturdy and strong. As long as you take care of your bracelet without bending it out of shape with each wear, it will hold it's shape without having to fear it breaking. You'll be able to enjoy your hand made treat for years to come.

Each piece is unique and will not be identical. Letters are hand hammered in using metal, steel, hammers, anvils, and liquid ink before getting a brushed, distressed, or polished top. Some letters will appear deeper, unevenly spaced, or take more ink. This is the beauty of a truly handmade piece.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Dimensions: Bracelet length: 6 Inches; Bracelet width: 1/4 Inches
  • Handmade

By Neon Bison


All items ship from Brooklyn, NY! Our current average fulfillment time is 1-2 business days

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