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In the words of the world's most famous female empowered explorer, "Swiper, no swiping." Or was that no sticking? Oh no, now I'm confused, I think my memory has gotten the best of me. These children's shows are out to brainwash us, I tell you. But you know what, never mind that! What I do know is that there is definitely one thing that never fails me and I am 100% positive that it won't fail you as well in your times of need and weakness and that would be the marvelous collection of stickers that you can check out below:


Rad Women Water Resistant Sticker Sheet - Oprah, Hillary Clinton, Marie Curie, and Frida  -  $6.95

Rad Women Water Resistant Sticker Sheet - Oprah, Hillary Clinton, Marie Curie, and Frida  -  $6.95

Your day will surely start on a high note when the first thing you see (aside from your ceiling) are the faces of these TRUE HEROINES who have subverted the patriarchy in their own ways. Nothing can be more inspiring and more positive than having them on your trusty gadget of choice, laptop, desktop, iPad, or even your wieldy and ever-ready little notebook. They will continue to remind you of how awesome you can be if you actually start working in some effort and putting your mind to it. Be inspired, be the bravest that you can be and start acting and thinking for yourself, OUT LOUD!



Highly Aggressive GetBullish Vinyl Durable & Weatherproof Stickers in Blush Pink 7-Pack  -  $14.95

Highly Aggressive GetBullish Vinyl Durable & Weatherproof Stickers in Blush Pink 7-Pack  -  $14.95

Hands down, the best collection of stickers that I have ever owned in my life! I've gotten numerous compliments, weird looks and attention from these babies and I've never regretted any moment. Each of the exquisitely crafted and long-lasting stickers have been the highlights of both the worst and best of my days. They've been with me when that orange idiotic piece of garbage was given the keys to Pandora's box and the lives of more than 326 million US residents. These stickers have also helped me out of a rough spot by offering the boost, zeal and positivity that I badly needed as a deadline was drawing near. With this assortment, all the essentials and all your cravings will be satiated and then more.



Hot Mess Monster Vinyl Sticker  -  $2.95

Hot Mess Monster Vinyl Sticker  -  $2.95


Keep yourself amused and let your woes be channeled by the one and only HOT MESS MONSTER. Internalize, Spiritualize and Embody the hot mess monster that truly personifies and exemplifies who you are. Remember, the true witch gains her powers from the fiery hot, hodgepodge of mishmash in her cauldron, NOT from the cold, organized, predictable coldness of the abyss. Go ahead and embrace the heat, the hotness, hot mess that is you! 



Cat Lady Extra Shadow-Cat Wall Sticker  -  $8.95

Cat Lady Extra Shadow-Cat Wall Sticker  -  $8.95


There will never be enough cats for the cat lady in your life. In fact the real CAT LADY will claim that she's certain that she's really a cat. She wants love and affection on her terms, when and how she wants it. Other times, she'll prefer to claw and rip your eyes out and just for good humor, pee in your shoes as well.   So we recommend that you add this extra layer of comfort and style to your household by employing the Shadow Cat wall sticker. Squeal in delight or watch in awe as your guests and loved ones rack their brains out and try to figure out whether the cat on your wall is real or is it just fantasy? Is it just a figment of their imagination or is Sylvester really floating in mid air? Let them be the judge and you be the jury! F-U-N!



Smash the Patriarchy Extra Large Vinyl Car/Laptop Sticker  -  $5.95

Smash the Patriarchy Extra Large Vinyl Car/Laptop Sticker  -  $5.95


Give the world a dose of your hammer-tastic and hammer-rific sense of justice! Break the stereotypes, crush the discrimnation and pulverize patriarchy wherever it exists. Be the Master Clobberer and thwart the negativity, the bigoted and unjust treatment of women in society. Start sharing the power with the sisterhood and with the movement! Never again!



Dear Patriarchy Vinyl Sticker

Dear Patriarchy Waterproof Vinyl Sticker  -  $2.75


Keep the energy going with this no bullshit and no nonsense stick-it-to-the-man middle finger statement decal! Divvy up the team and deal with the shameless and unscrupulous acts of those foul and crooked beings in power. As empowered women there is no limit to what we can do and can accomplish! We are the true legends in every sense of the word. And we can be whoever we want to be! We shouldn't be afraid to show our real selves to the world and limit who we are based on the boundaries set by history. We don't have to be modest to be respected!



Feminist Agenda Vinyl Sticker in Blush Pink  -  $3.25

Feminist Agenda Vinyl Sticker in Blush Pink  -  $3.25


The list to topple all lists is here. If you don't want to pressure yourself by following the Feminist Bible, then dabble with the basic to do list featured on this sticker. It has all the beginnings of an epic feminist's journey! So buckle up, keep your hands where you can see them at all times and enjoy the ride! There's nowhere else to go but up from here..



Feminissst Snake Vinyl Weatherproof Sticker

FEMINISSST Snake Vinyl Weatherproof Sticker  -  $2.95

Historically, snakes (serpents) have been one of the oldest and most mythological icons in the world, regardless of culture. Some have identified it as evil and have veered away from it in fear. Others have even welcomed it as it represents humanity and the duality associated with being human; the goodness and evil in our souls. However, believe it or not, the most iconic representation of snakes is actually of femininity and fertility. Many cultures in the world have revered the snake as it symbolizes the umbilical cord and our connection to the Mother Earth and Mother Nature. Various tribes have even dedicated dances in honor of the snake to bring good and bountiful harvests. So get your own copy of the most iconic feminist symbol known to the world. Stand high and proud! We are FEMINISSSTS!



Floral Feminist Vinyl Sticker on Weatherproof Decal in Nude Lady Floral  -  $3.45

Floral Feminist Vinyl Sticker on Weatherproof Decal in Nude Lady Floral  -  $3.45

This cute and empowering decal made from a glossy coated vinyl material is perfect for your cubicle, note board, daily journals and planners, phones and even laptops. Heck! Slap it on your coworker's face to make him/her even more appealing to the world. Look even closely and you'll be even more mesmerized with the tasteful and artsy representation of the female figure. Your friends will love the subtle edge and class it brings!



Diversity Feminist Vinyl Sticker Weatherproof Decal  -  $2.95

Diversity Feminist Vinyl Sticker Weatherproof Decal  -  $2.95

Now if subtlety is not your strongest suit, you can opt for this striking and stylish scratchproof, dishwasher-proof, weatherproof, asshole-proof vinyl sticker that sings praises of the beauty of the female form in all its wonder and glory. Rejoice as every body needs everybody's attention regardless of color, size, shape, ridges, valleys, dimples and differences. Everyone is perfect and should be celebrated!


You can't go wrong with stickers and decals. They're definitely an easy and simple way to brighten one's day. They're a powerful tool to recruit others to the dark side. Give your asshole boss the middle finger with one of our stickers while you smile and say nothing. Nothing verbally, anyway. Because the sticker said it for you. Now, if these options aren't enough, you may also check out even more stickers here.

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