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Gift Ideas For The Ultimate Boss Lady (i.e., Your Actual Boss!)

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On average, people sleep anywhere from 6 to 7 hours a day. Studies say that more than 50% of every waking hour is spent working. With that said, aside from that seriously annoying coworker that you see across the aisle who just keeps on pushing your buttons (for whatever reason), or your best buds and friendlies that you get to chit chat with everyday, who’s the next person that you spend your most treasured holier-than-thou time with?

If you said it’s Oprah (or another prominent person you prefer), bullseye, then you hit that right on the head!  Erm… Oh wait, that didn’t come out right, it’s actually your boss! Yes, yes, it’s your boss! Well, Oprah still slays at the top but you have to admit, you also spend quite some time with your boss. From paperwork to tasks to meetings and deadlines, you get a lot of face-to-face time with your supervisor or manager or the boss in your life.

Now, whether your manager is breathing down your neck and making your life a living hell... or they’re one of your best buds ever, here are some of the best gifts to give them.

Remember, a perfectly timed gift is the magic of a thousand Queens!


CEO,000,000 Stamped Bracelet - $15.95


Cuffs have been a popular and iconic choice of jewelry globally since about 2000 B.C. and have been known to signify wealth and royalty throughout history. #cuffsaid 

If that cuff is too on the nose for you, take a look at these other cuffs instead:


Feminist Gold Cutout Cuff Bracelet - $14.95


Have her don this bitchin’ one-of-a-kind cuff. It’s perfect for that hardcore boss who knows who she is and doesn’t give a fuck!  #GoFierce




You Are My Favorite Bitch Cuff Bracelet - $9.95

For that amazing person you look up to as she just knows what to say and when to say it. Bitch also isn’t bad. When you know what you want and you get what you want... And that this boss embodies or exemplifies it!

I'm Not Bossy, I'm Motivational Box Sign in Rustic Wood - $11.95

Who’s the boss? I am not! This 6" x 2.50"" box sign is great for rocking that awesome #workstation or #deskgoals this year! Get your boss to upgrade her work area to this year’s standards and bring the flair, magic and power that she totally deserves!



Boss Lady Gold Script Mug - $22.95

Are you in a hurry and can’t think of any other gifts to give your one and only boss lady? Haven’t you stopped and considered that she’s still missing her morning coffee dose that needs to be injected into her bloodstream faster-than-you-can-spell NOW!?  



Boss Babe Gold Stamped Bar Keychain - $10.95

If you're on "babe" terms with your boss lady, nab this gold stamped bar keychain instead! I mean, if it's not weird to call your boss a "babe." Your call. 




Boss Lady Gold Coffee Mug  - $15.95

Now, if your boss isn’t the agile, jetsetting, coffee-on-the-subway type, you absolutely want to consider this Boss Lady Gold Coffee mug. 




Stay Golden Lined Journal with Metallic Cover    Girl Boss Journal, Jotter Notepad, and Petite Journal Gift Set  Master Plan Soft Cover Journal in with Metallic Rose Gold Accents



For that boss who’s been rocking that generic, run-of-the-mill planner or journal that just looks so blah - you can wow her with our non-generic, supreme journals that are full of personality and moxie and which truly defines who she is. The handy dandy petite versions are perfect for #ladyboss on-the-go. Or you can go wild and give her our #StayGolden ones instead, while imagining you and her together as modern day Golden Girls




I Run My Own World Porcelain Tray          Stay Wild Watercolor Trinket Tray


Trinket Trays  - $9.90 to $21.95

Tired of seeing that clutter and mess on your boss’ table? You claim that you’re not OCD yet your nerves of steel are bent against their will due to the sheer jungle of Amazon that is your boss’ desk? It’s time to end the madness! Go ahead, take charge and give her the organization that she needs and you deserve. You can choose from the varied assortment of items available at the tip of your fingers. Start with the simple yet elegant “Stay Wild” Watercolored Trinket Tray made with stoneware material. It not only offers structure and symmetry but also stays true to her personality. You may also go with the sophisticated round “I Run My Own World” Porcelain Tray in black and gold. It comes with its own gift box and fits the whole boss ecosystem splendidly.




               Department of Fuckery Pencil Set in Black           She Designed a Life She Loved Pencil Set in Gold on Ombre Pink  


Pencil Sets

Nothing says “I’m in charge of my own empire” and “I’m in charge of my own life” better than these STATEMENT pencil sets. Start her with the black and gold “Department of Fuckery” set that goes along with any of your #ladyboss wardrobe choices and mood swings. Perfect for those #OOTD moments and those days that you just want to stab everyone in the eye and scream that you’ve done something with your life! That black and gold means “I’m the Queen Bee” just like Beyonce and no one can say otherwise! Now to work on that singing prowess…




Green Envy Business Card Holder In Rose Gold      Celestial Starburst Business Card Case in Cobalt

Business Card Cases

You know how these #ladyboss dragons need to keep their fire burning right? This is why they always have the need to bring their business cards with them - for those you’ll-never-know chance-upon meetings. Well you'll surely hit the jackpot when you hand her this Green Envy Business Card Holder In Rose Gold while telling her that her bashers will be green with envy once they see this! Or you may want to see her face go all angelic with this Celestial Starburst Business Card Case in Cobalt

With over 5,000 items in a shop run by bossladies ... well, we may be the world's top source for pro ladyboss gifting. Enjoy!

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