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Design Your 2021 Downloadable Workbook (PDF Instant Download)

  • $ 3.95

This is the new and updated 2021 edition of our annual Design Your 20XX workbook.

Here at GetBullish we believe in:

  • living deliberately
  • proactively designing your life and career
  • saying a guilt-free goodbye to things that aren't priorities
  • living with style, gravitas, meaning, and panache
  • setting up your future self with resources and options

This 19-page workbook for totally designing your upcoming year – with an eye to what you value most – is meant to be printed, taken someplace quiet, and passionately scribbled on.

Sections include:

  • Intro
  • The Parable of the Airplane
  • 2020 Check-In
  • Define Your Values
  • Towards 2021
  • Who Can Help?
  • Stakeholders 
  • To-Don't 
  • Write It Up
  • You in Ten Years

Adapted from Jennifer Dziura's "Design Your 201x" workshop at The Bullish Conference, now in its seventh year. Over 3,000 people have done the "Design Your 201x" process.

An annual tradition for living awesomely.

Now updated for 2021.

To access: Add the workbook to your cart and check out, and you'll immediately receive access to the downloadable PDF. 

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