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Last Call! Thanks For Holding Back My Hair Hand Sanitizer | 62% Alcohol | Funny Novelty Antibacterial Travel Size Sanitizer

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Because a great friend will always understand, always keep your secrets, always tell you that you look perfect. But most importantly, a great friend will never let you puke on your hair. 

2 oz./59 ml.

62% alcohol

By BlueQ


Travel Safe With This Mini Hand Sanitizer Bottle 

Now more than ever we realize how important it is to stay safe and keep our hands clean.  When traveling or going out it can be even more tough to avoid harmful germs or bacteria, which is why it is such always good to have a travel size bottle of sanitizer that fits easily into any bag or pouch.  Stay safe and stay clean and have a little fun while you're at it with this funny novelty bottle of hand sanitizer from BlueQ.

Hand Sanitizer Vs. Soap:  Do I Need Both?

Wash your hand as frequently as you can!  Using soap and warm water is the most effective way to clean your hands.  When you lather soap between your hands, it helps remove impurities that you then wash off with water.

When you do not have soap available, an alcohol based hand sanitizer may be used as a convenient alternative.  The high alcohol content makes it evaporate quickly, removing the need to rinse off your hands with warm water or dry them after. Having a small bottle of sanitizer on you when you go out is a smart and proactive way to stay clean.

Does Hand Sanitizer Really Work?

Alcohol based hand sanitizer is effective in killing most bacteria and viruses.  While doctors don't recommend solely relying on hand sanitizer to clean your hands, hand sanitizer can certainly be a convenient alternative when on-the-go.