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Lavender Honey Gourmet Handmade Marshmallows (set of 12)

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Cozy up with a cup of tea, topped with one of these delicious lavender honey marshmallows! Faint, floral aromas and the sweetness of pure honey both calm and delight the senses. These marshmallows are the perfect size to snack on alone, share with others, or use to create a fun and creative dish!

Marshmallows arrive in high-end packaging, making them the perfect gift idea. Each small batch of gourmet marshmallows is hand crafted with care to ensure consistent quality for marshmallow lovers of all ages. 

 Lavender Honey Flavor Ingredients:
- pure cane sugar
- non-high fructose corn syrup
- gelatin
- sea salt
- pure honey
- homemade lavender extract
- lavender food coloring

Our marshmallows are made in a facility where there are nuts and wheat products. However, XO Marshmallows do not contain nuts or wheat. XO Marshmallows are all egg free and gluten-free. No high fructose corn syrup, No preservatives.

By XO Marshmallow


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