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SELF Scholar Journal: The Essential Academic Planner Tool That Empowers You To Achieve More

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The SELF Scholar is packed with planning and productivity templates to help you organize your studies, your social commitments, and your life. With this tactical tool you can achieve your academic potential AND enjoy a packed student life that others envy.

Structured to Help You Ace Your Studies

College is a big investment of your time, energy, and money. So you want to achieve the qualifications that make your inevitable student debt worthwhile.

Not only do we want to empower you to achieve your academic potential, but we want to help you make college a memorable and enjoyable time too. After all, college should be some of the best years of your life.

And if can be… if you figure out how to have fun, hit deadlines, and produce work that’s worthy of your potential.

That’s what the SELF Scholar will help you do. In fact, it’s the planning and self-management tool we wish we’d had when we were studying.

Grounded in the proven success and productivity principles of some of the world’s top performers, this tool will help you:

  • Manage your time effectively
  • Stay on track so you don’t have to skip classes or miss deadlines
  • Optimize your week so you can fit in studies AND fun
  • Develop the self management skills that will empower you to succeed at college and beyond

The truth is intelligence alone can only take you so far. Even if you have natural talent, you’ll never achieve your full potential if you can’t manage and motivate yourself.

And that’s the biggest challenge at college. If you’ve been accepted on your chosen course, it’s likely you have the academic potential to do well. But what happens when you’re overwhelmed with distractions and the freedom of college life?

  • Your days may be relatively unstructured with only a few lectures scattered through the week
  • The freedom and free time can lull you into a false sense of security!
  • Far off deadlines can convince you that work can wait
  • You can underestimate the amount of work involved in your assignments
  • And with a stack of new friends, new social engagements, and extra-curricular activities to explore, your studies can take a back burner!

It’s why overwhelm and stress can slip you up. Deadlines loom, you don’t have time to produce your best work, and you try to survive on limited sleep.

Suddenly college life isn’t as fun and fulfilling as you thought it would be!

Fortunately it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can avoid overwhelm, create time for everything important, AND ace your studies with the help of the SELF Scholar


Get organized. Jot down all your fixed commitments in one place – so you can see where you need to be at any given time.


  • Non-dated pages with space for your notes and reminders
  • Perfect for capturing all your deadlines, commitments, and activities in one place
  • A big picture overview makes it easier for you to get organized, meet your obligations, and feel in control of your hectic student life.


Never forget. Use the log to keep a note of all your deadlines in one place – so you don’t miss deadlines or fall behind with your studies.

Build momentum. The checkboxes allow you to track your progress – and you’ll get a motivational boost each time you tick something off.  


STEP BY STEP.The key to nailing complex academic assignments is to understand the component parts (and how long each will take). This tool helps you do that.

BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE.When you break down a big project into manageable chunks, it feels less overwhelming and instantly more achievable.   MANAGE YOUR TIME EFFECTIVELY.Proper planning means you won’t get caught trying to cram a big project into an unrealistic deadline. This tool will ensure you give each assignment the time it needs to deliver your best work.   PRIORITIZE YOUR DAILY ACTIVITY.With your assignments broken into individual tasks, you can spread out the workload and make progress on a daily basis.  ACHIEVE YOUR ACADEMIC POTENTIAL. Don’t get caught in the trap of rushing assignments and burning the midnight oil. Instead, you work methodically and increase your chances of getting the grades and having a life.



Make each day count. Invest time at the start and end of each day to get clear on what you wish to accomplish.

Make it your own. Customize your morning and evening rituals to include all the essential activities to make your day a success.


By Best Self 


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