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Qualia - Radical Cognitive Enhancement - Available in 1 week sample or 1 month supply

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We’ve all experienced burnout, brain fog, low mood, and mental exhaustion. Everything from poor diet to air toxins diminish the potential of your brainpower. Qualia is designed to nourish the mind with over 40 premium brain nutrients to immediately enhance focus, energy, mood, and creativity, while supporting long term brain health.

Your life’s potential relies on your mind. Feed it well.

Qualia is a unique and powerful tool for cognitive enhancement. Designed for comprehensive upgrade, it supports a sharper intellect, a richer sensory experience, and the fortitude to take on challenges with gusto.


Within you lies a force to be reckoned with. Transcend the limitations that hold you back - whether it be procrastination, anxiety, brain fog, or cognitive decline. What’s left is access to your full creative power.


An optimized brain supports an optimal life. Qualia’s synergistic blend of nootropics, adaptogens, and nutrients are designed to fine tune every system of your brain towards its highest capacity.


Our approach starts with honoring the intelligence of the body. Utmost care and consideration are taken to support neurological function without creating overrides or dependence. 

Advanced Mental Nutrition Involves All Of You

Your mental ability involves many factors which must be addressed in relation to one another. For example, having mental energy won’t result in accomplishments unless you have sustained focus to go with it. Improving your mood is a plus, but not if it kills your ability to be creative. To actually improve all these desired abilities together requires a deep understanding of the relationship between all chemical and electrical pathways of the brain and body. Qualia’s formula expertly balances these desired abilities.

Qualia increases:

Focus / Attention / Concentration
Computation / Processing Speed
Analysis / Synthesis

Emotional Resilience

Sensory Acuity
Reaction Speed
Spatial Awareness
Physical Energy


Qualia Decreases: 

Brain fog
Inability to Focus

Dysphoria / Anhedonia/ Apathy
Overwhelm / Indecisive/ Inconfidence
Social Awkwardness / Worry

Fatigue / Lethargy
Inflammation / Physical Sensitivity


How you'll know when you're in the flow:

  • Ending Procrastination
  • Vivid Dreams
  • Responding Gracefully to Difficult Things
  • Less Internal Drama
  • Increased Epiphany
  • Evolution of Perspective and Critical Thinking


What You'll Get: 

Choose between a 1 week sample size of Qualia (includes Step 1 only) or choose the 1 month supply (includes Step 1 and Step 2)

Qualia’s effects are dose-dependent, varying with body weight, general sensitivity and desired level of effect. The standard dose for most people is 3 capsules of Step One and 6 capsules of Step Two. If you are sensitive to supplements, particularly stimulants, it’s a good idea to start with a small dose and work your way up to your desired level of effect.

It’s generally recommended to keep a ratio of 2 capsules of Step Two for each capsule of Step One. (i.e. 1 capsule of Step One with 2 capsule of Step Two, 2 capsules of Step One with 4 capsules of Step Two, 3 capsules of Step One with 6 capsules of Step Two) Explore this as well to find what’s right with you. Some people prefer a smaller dose of Step Two.

Qualia is designed to be taken 5 days on and 2 days off each week. This maximizes the benefits while preventing desensitization. It does not matter if the 2 “off-cycle” days are consecutive or apart, so long as they happen each week.

For best results:
Good sleep is crucial for optimal cognitive function. Qualia is most effective in a well rested brain and is not intended to enhance function during sleep deficit. Sleep cycles may go through an adjustment process the first few days on the product. This is normal. If sleep issues linger, take Qualia earlier in the day, lower the dosage, or discontinue use.


Step 1 includes 66 capsules per bottle 

Step 2 includes 132 capsules per bottle 


A Unique Comprehensive Formula:

Not all formulations are created equal. Qualia is made from a unique combination of ingredients that would produce synergistic effects way beyond what any one ingredient alone could deliver.

Nootropic Compounds:

Potent psychoactive and neuroactive chemicals that play key roles in modulating receptor sites, synaptic enzymes, membrane structures, cerebral perfusion, biogenic processes, neuroendocrine regulation and more.

Choline Donors:

Active forms of choline donors that work through different pathways in the peripheral and central nervous system to support acetylcholine levels, along with the other synergistically stacked cholinergics (acetyl donors, acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, racetamic compounds, etc.)

Amino Acids:

Building blocks for key neurotransmitters and hormones, and agents that are part of the processes of cellular energy production, osmoregulation, signaling, antioxidation, neurogenesis, and neuroprotection.


Key limiting factor vitamins in specific activated forms required for major neuroregulatory and neurodevelopmental processes.

Adaptogen Extracts:

Herbal adaptogens concentrating active compounds while maintaining complex synergistic co-factors – supporting Adrenal/ HPA regulation, Long Term Potentiation, AMPK activation, neurogenesis, catecholamine production, tissue regeneration, and many regulatory functions.


Limiting factor minerals required for major neurochemical regulatory processes in forms that are bioavailable and can cross the blood brain barrier.

Neuro-Anti-inflammatories and Antioxidants:

Synergist compounds that support nutrient transport and utilization, cytokine and eicosanoid modulation, neurotrophin factors, redox reactions, cholesterol regulation, and much more.



Carefully Sourced Ingredients: 

Quail is made from the most potent, pure, bioavailable form of each ingredient, considering proper ratios for systemic balance. All ingredients are chosen based on the strong empirical research supporting them. Several kinds of research are taken into account: Phase II & III university and clinical trials, strong quantified self research data (e.g. on racetams like noopept), and over 40+ years international research on nootropic stack formulation.

Vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO. No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. Made with HPMC vegetarian capsules.

The Formulation page provides the full list of the ingredients in Qualia, why they were chosen, and the research behind them.


Medical Disclaimer:

This product contains chemicals that should not be taken by people on MAO inhibitors, SSRIs, or any other psychiatric medicines.

It should not be taken by people with psychiatric or neurologic disorders, high blood pressure, heart conditions, endocrine disorders, cancer, phenylketonuria (PKU)or people on immunosuppressive therapy.

It should not be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers, or children under 18.

It should not be taken within a 24 hour time period from alcohol or recreational drugs.

If any undesired side effects are noticed, it should be discontinued immediately, and proper medical help sought if needed.

No claim is made of this product being used to treat or cure any medical diagnosis or condition.

As with all dietary supplements, consult with your physician before taking any new supplements.

Made by Neurohacker Collective:

The Neurohacker Collective exists to evolve human sovereignty. We develop technologies that help us think clearly, experience emotions fully, and make the best choices for our lives and the greater good.

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