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Alphabet Legends Pty Limited

Lady Legends Alphabet Book Hardcover

  • $ 24.95

The Ladies of Legend

Strong, talented, smart, determined, irrepressible women that every young girl, and boy, should know. When told to give up, still she persisted. Read the ABCs of Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks, Vivienne Westwood, and Frida Kahlo. This educational children’s alphabet book helps teach her both letters and self esteem in a rapidly changing world. It reminds her that girls can do anything.

Perfect for All Ages

This alphabet learning book is great for all ages and genders. From baby feminists, toddlers, preschool, rebel little girls, to preteens. It is never too early to remind them - oh the wonderful things you will be. Education, empowerment, and kids learning about strong female leaders in history creates the little leaders of tomorrow.

By Alphabet Legends


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