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Irregular Items for Imperfect People Pack #4 (1 only)

  • $ 27.95

  • Save $ 85.55

Damaged goods! Aren't we all, really?

Here is a pack of deeply discounted items that are a little imperfect.

- Stripe and Arrows journal (damaged back cover)

- Grass is Greener pens (partial set)

- I Love You, You Nerd enamel mug (chipped, metal mug underneath is great)

- Origami napkins (open package)

- Droppin' a New Recipe on Your Ass Oven Mitt (fell on a warehouse floor -- not ours! needs washed)

- Cactus bag (product sample)

- Weirdo keychain (product sample)

- Succulent bookmarks 30 pack (dented packaging)

- Double gold arrow necklace (bubbly metal, someone needs to learn to operate the smelter or something, bro, can you even smelt?)

- Latté acrylic earrings (product sample)

- Wake Up Kick Ass Repeat wooden magnet (letters a bit smudged)

- Misc pencils

- Juice Cleanse Tumbler (one of us here in the warehouse insists a crack is developing somewhere around the rim and another of us can't even see it so here we are)

Regular price = $113.50

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