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Imperfect Items for Imperfect People Pack (10+ items)

  • $ 32.95

  • Save $ 65.50

Take these perfectly nice items that mostly were returned to us with crumpled packaging! 


  • Makin' Waves Jumbo Pouch (got folded in the mail, has a crease)
  • Existential Coloring Book (ever so slightly bent)
  • Handicat (box taped back together by someone who does not understand tape; these are finger puppets that make your hand like a cat)
  • Tinfoil Hat for Cat (can't imagine why anyone would return this! torn box)
  • Hard Candy Poison Apple Berry bodywash (just got a little dented on the way to us from the distributor)
  • Unicorn Shower Cap (top of box is missing)
  • Poppy Flat Notes (box is imperfect, notecards are fine)
  • I Was Fucking Talking Women's Socks (no packaging)
  • Unicorn Pen (crushed box)
  • I Eat Men Like You For Breakfast Desk Sign (new and nice, just printed in the wrong color from the one we normally sell)

Total value if these items were in perfect condition: $96.87

Your low, low bargain price: $32.95

We usually throw in some extras when we send these out, too. Do you like random awesome stuff? We've got random awesome stuff.

1 only. Take it all!


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