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Floss Gloss

The Pink Nugget Sparkly Pink Nail Polish from Floss Gloss - Safe and Free from Toxins

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Floss Gloss' latest in glitter magic! A must-have muted blush glitter just in time for all those holiday parties - or an anytime party! 

Meet The Pink Nugget: A place, not too far from the Vegas strip, where the once vibrant pink lights now glimmer with a muted blush clouded by years of Aqua Net and cigarette smoke.  Once a Casino filled with rows of sparkling slot machines, it is now a desolate bar where, sprawled across the vinyl booths, you are guaranteed to find leopard clad, big haired women sipping cocktails to the twinkling sounds of Frank Sinatra. They have a secret.  Do you?
1. Always shake well for best results & appearance. We always recommend shop staff keep an eye out for separation and shake stock every now and then to help give the best appearance possible! 

2. Floss Gloss is 7-Free, which means free of harmful toxins like formaldehyde, camphor & other yucky chemicals you wouldn't want anywhere around your mouth or body! We're also kid & expectant mother friendly!  

3. Our lacquers offer a smooth application & quick dry formula that levels out, so don't be afraid to use a bit more on the brush! Floss Gloss' opaque formula gives more coverage with less streaks if more polish is used on the brush when applying.

4. Join the Floss Gloss party! Wear it in storelet your staff test out FG and encourage them to wear it at work. It's a great conversation starter that's available to sell instantly! We love color and love sharing our rainbow vision with the world!! 

5. Lastly ~ Floss Gloss is women-owned & operated! We truly understand how you and your customer may feel about chemical awareness & sustainability in beauty.  That greatly affects how conscious shoppers shop today!  Every purchase goes right back into making Floss Gloss possible and continuing to give you and your customer a gorgeous product made in the USA! 
Made by Floss Gloss

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