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Letters from a Motherfucking Stoic eBook (PDF Download)

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It's fucking rough out there, you need some motherfucking stoicism.

This eBook is a convenient collection of Jen Dziura's "Motherfucking Stoicism" blog posts from 


Seneca’s Letters from a Stoic is a collection of letters about morality from Roman philosopher and senator Seneca (c. 4 BC – AD65) to his friend Lucilius. Stoic philosophy holds that our inner life matters more than outward circumstances, and that we ought to seek wisdom, justice, and virtue while practicing moderation, discipline, and self-control – and that to do so would make one “self-sufficient, immune to suffering, superior to the wounds and upsets of life.” Which, for a school of Hellenistic philosophy, sounds really fucking useful right now, right?

If you’ve ever been interested in reading books about stoicism, developing a more stoic personality, or just learning how to practice stoicism in general – or just found yourself taken in by occasional stoic philosophy quotes and wondered, “Just WTF, ancient Rome?” – consider this a goddamn motherfucking introduction.

We’ve adapted several of Seneca’s letters into modern vernacular, R-rated English. Did we translate this from the original Latin? Fucking no. Why did we do this? Why the fuck not, motherfucker, we want you to read this shit.

  • My Motherfucking Asthma Again
  • Stay Chill And Don’t Try And Do Too Much Shit
  • Fuck The Crowd, They’re Dicks
  • Yeah, It’s Noisy, Get Over Your Shit
  • How to be Motherfucking Stoic When Everybody Fucking Dies
  • I Got Sick on a Motherfucking Boat – But You, My Friend, Are Sick in Your Goddamn Mind


22 pages

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