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Ask Me About My Social Anxiety Enamel Camping Coffee Mug

  • $ 16.95

Have you ever seen a more perfect gift for the socially anxious than this "Ask my about my social anxiety" camping mug? After all, you know how much we introverts LOVE to be approached by strangers and asked about ourselves. Especially without warning or several days to prepare a response ahead of time. We socially awkward live for this stuff.

Individually printed vintage reproduction mug in a sturdy enamel-coated steel with contrast rolled rim. These mugs look small, but hold a full 12 oz of your chosen liquid drinkable goodness (AKA wine). It's lightweight, sturdy, dishwasher safe (see below for care & washing), and ready to stand up to all sorts of abuse. Each one is hand-dipped in enamel and intentionally left looking a little rustic. Occasional pocks and spots on the finish are simply intended to add to its charm.

Mugs are enamel over steel. Some chipping of the enamel over time is normal and safe, and lends to the vintage look of the mugs.

DISHWASHER: Safe for the dishwasher, but handwashing will keep colors more vibrant and cut down on wear and tear (and possible rust, should any steel become exposed over time).

MICROWAVE: Don't. Just don't. It's metal under there! 

By Enamel Co: Pacific Northwest Camping Mugs



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