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A**-Kicking with Limitations Course by Esme Wang

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Since becoming incredibly and mysteriously sick in 2013, Esmé Wang has faced dealing with illness every single day. Her life changed, but what didn't change was her ambition and dreams for the future

Esmé has gone on to publish a critically acclaimed book, promote and tour for said book, be profiled in the New York Times about her writing and work at, publish numerous essays and articles in quality publications, teach and present at conferences, and earn a contract to write a second book at a prestigious press. We know and love her as a BullCon speaker! 

Based on her journey, Esmé created a workshop called A**-Kicking with Limitations, an easy-to-digest five-day email course with written content and recorded audio.

If you're an ambitious person with limitations – whether disability, illness, or an unexpected life circumstance, A** Kicking with Limitations is for you. 

The course contains: 

  • An introduction to the material, including her personal story
  • Examining our limitations
  • Looking at different definitions of success, both abstract and concrete
  • Learning how to use boundaried space
  • Creating a plan for going after your goals 

How To Access: Add this to your cart and check out in the store. You will immediately receive a download with a welcome letter from Esmé and additional access link. 


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