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Microcosm Publishing

How to Achieve Your Goals Workbook by Dr. Faith G. Harper

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Everyone's got goals. Maybe you're working towards single-payer health care in the US, or maybe you've set your sights on simply making it through a stressful doctor's appointment next week. Maybe you want to get out of debt, or maybe your goal is just to pay rent on time next month. Whatever your goals, big or small, there's a way to achieve them—and Microcosm Publishing bestseller Dr. Faith has broken it down into steps and produced this handy workbook that you can use to envision, plan, execute, rinse, repeat. Because now is an era in history where we need to be as effective as we can, at everyday functioning as well as leading the resistance.


    • 16 pages
    • 1/4 size

      Microcosm Publishing of Portland, OR focuses on relating the experiences of what it's like to be a marginalized person who strives to be recognized for spirit, creativity, and value. All books are printed in the U.S. on post-consumer papers, and the company doubles the industry average in number of women authors.

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