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Detox Your Masculinity: How Cultural Bullshit Fucks Up Men's Body Image - What to Look For and What to Do About It

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Body image problems and eating disorders have long been considered mostly to be women's problems. But did you know that men are *even more likely* than women to suffer from distorted or dysmorphic body image? So basically we're all screwed by patriarchal ideals of how we ought to look. Whether you're hung up about your weight, or looks, or muscles, or hair, or penis size, or whatever, this shit can control your life in scary ways. In this zine, Dr. Faith and Dr. Aaron walk you through how you know if you've got a problem and practical, science-based ways to cope and improve your image of yourself as well as your physical and mental health. Whether you're cis or trans, learn to be comfortable in your body and let the cycle of toxic masculinity stop with you.

36 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", copied

By Microcosm Publishing


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